Tamara Kuzminski

Lifestyle Commercial and Editorial Photographer

About your business and my business

I understand that your business isn't just about selling products or services. It's about selling an experience, a lifestyle, dreams and aspirations. You want your customers to desire the life they will have when they buy your product or service and become a more stylish person, a more successful person, a happier person.

You understand that people buy using their emotions. If you have a fashion or lifestyle oriented business, I can help you tap into your customers' emotions and create a photographic vision that they will desire, to enable you to be more successful.

Why these businesses chose me

Click on the businesses below to read why they enjoyed working with me.

"Tamara has an exceptional eye for detail and has produced some fabulous images for us. I have recommended her to my clients and would be happy to keep doing so. If you want first class photos, look no further."

- Alexandra Wood, Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailor

"Tamara has worked with us to provide great photographs of events where being on the ball and unobtrusive matters. She works well with our staff, understanding their brief and delivering on time. We will work together again I hope!"

- Sarah Sleet, Coeliac UK

"I have worked with Tamara on several occasions. She is an imaginative but unobtrusive photographer, working quietly without disturbing the overall flow of the event and is constantly looking to improve the already excellent service she provides."

- Janis O'Leary, Daizy Florist

"I hired Tamara to produce some shots of our architectural office, and profile shots of key staff. We were all delighted with the results, and Tamara was wonderful to work with."

- Robert Park, Devereux Architects

"I have used Tamara twice now to shoot Longcroft Cat Hotel. Dealing with animals, especially cats is an unpredictable task but Tamara always arrives on time, with a massive smile and we genuinely always have a great time.

"The results are fantastic! Longcroft has been featured all over the world in hundreds of publications and all because she created an amazing window to the world with her stunning photography."

- Abi Purser, Longcroft Cat Hotel

"Look at Tamara's photography - it is really good. Tamara has photographed me working for my website. The results are very natural and just what I wanted."

- Marilyn Tuck, hypnotherapist

"Tamara's photographs are beautiful and really reflect how at ease she makes people feel. I experienced this first hand when she took some shots of me, along with the product photos for my website which I am really pleased with and they really do enhance the site.

She is professional, detailed and enthusiastic and her creativity ensures she always produces something different, which is what I feel makes her stand out. She is also fun to work with and why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

- Lucy Wickham-Hayden, Oh So Chic

Prices, and how I won't hold your images to ransom

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You will receive:

* Maximum of 4 consecutive hours.
** Maximum of 8 consecutive hours.
*** Minimum contract is 1 day/month for 3 months.

Ask me about my special rates if you're a registered charity or a small fashion/lifestyle start-up.

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I am based on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border and regularly work with clients in the northern Home Counties and in London. If you're further afield and are interested in having me photograph your business, please do get in touch and we'll have a chat.

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Or contact me on hello@tamarakuzminski.com or 07773 335447

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